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Best LED Video Wall Rental Tips for Your Next Trade Show

Trade show exhibitors are always looking for new ways to capture the attention of attendees on a busy trade show floor and to keep their attention once they have it. Technology is constantly evolving and will be even more important once trade shows and corporate events resume. Companies are going to have find ways to […]

Changes to Trade Show Etiquette After Covid-19

Changes to Trade Show Etiquette After Covid-19 - LV Exhibit Rentals in Las Vegas

To capture attendee’s attention, it is imperative to ensure your booth staff has mastered the proper trade show etiquette. It is extremely important that your booth staff understands expectations, properly greet attendees, and making sure to keep your booth visitors engaged. As with most things today, the rules for trade show etiquette are evolving to […]

Trade Show Exhibiting in the Age of Covid-19: Health & Safety Guidelines

Trade Show Exhibiting in the Age of Covid19 - Health and Safety Guidelines

There is not any doubt that Covid-19 has wreaked havoc on our lives. Trade show organizers and venues in Las Vegas are working diligently to forge ahead with health and safety measures that will be implemented when trade shows resume. Being able to exhibit safely has been and will continue to be the priority for […]

How to Plan for Your Next Trade Show in this New Normal

How to Plan for Your Next Trade Show in this New Normal

One of the constants that has always characterized exhibiting at trade shows from show to show, year to year is that they are always evolving. The one thing we can always count on is change some industries are quicker than others to embrace changes. Unfortunately, society has been forced to adapt to all types of […]

8 Best Tips to Boost Your Trade Show Booth

8 Best Tips to Boost Your Trade Show Booth - LV Exhibit Rentals in Las Vegas

Having a successful trade show entails many puzzle pieces coming together, which is a challenge to both a first-time exhibitor and a seasoned exhibitor. That booth space is more than just a section of floor space at the venue, it is a direct reflection on your company – your storefront, your brand’s sales platform. We […]

How to Navigate the Costly Trade Show Maze

Weaving Your Way Through The Costly Maze Of Trade Shows - LV Exhibit Rentals in Las Vegas

There are thousands of trade shows in Las Vegas each year, which means thousands of exhibitors each year head to Las Vegas. The trade show industry is huge. Companies exhibit at trade shows not only to make new connections in their industry but to also identify potential sales opportunities in the hopes that they will […]

Trade Show Booth Design for Different Booth Sizes

Trade Show Tips - Design for Different Booth Sizes

Not all trade show booth designs are created equal. Trade show exhibit space ranges in size from 8′ x 10′ up to large islands, each of which have a different effect on your booth visitors. Therefore, it is imperative to use different design approaches in order to maximize the impact. 10×10 Trade Show Booth Designs […]

Choosing the Right Trade Show Furniture

Choosing the right trade show furniture - LV Exhibit Rentals in Las Vegas

All too often exhibitors spend many hours on the design of their display and graphics, but will opt for the basic, stock furniture for their booth. Trade show exhibit design is like a puzzle, all of the pieces have to fit together because if not than one is left with an incomplete picture. Two Most […]

The Ultimate Guide to 10×10 Trade Show Booth Rentals

Ultimate Guide to 10x10 Trade Show Booth Rentals - LV Exhibit Rentals in Las Vegas

You have reserved your 10×10 booth space for a trade show in Las Vegas. Whether you are a first-time exhibitor or a seasoned veteran, it is imperative to determine what you want your trade show booth to do for you. Once you have that answered, the planning should be centered around that. While a 10×10 […]

Trade Show Furniture Tip: When Lounging is Productive

Trade Show Furniture Tips - Lounge Seeating - LV Exhibit Rentals in Las Vegas

Typically you will not see the words lounging and productivity being used synonymously or being used together in a positive light. There are always exceptions to every rule. When it comes to trade show furniture and using your space effectively, having a bar along with lounge seating can equate to an increase in productivity and […]