Choosing the Right Trade Show Furniture

All too often exhibitors spend many hours on the design of their display and graphics, but will opt for the basic, stock furniture for their booth. Trade show exhibit design is like a puzzle, all of the pieces have to fit together because if not than one is left with an incomplete picture.

Two Most Important Goals When Choosing Furniture for Your Trade Show Booth:

Glass Hydra Cafe Table with White Diana Chairs - LV Exhibit Rentals in Las Vegas
  1. Incorporate furniture that accentuates the look, design, and feel of your display. Remember first impressions will make or break you. It’s all about the details. Choosing basic furnishings will stick out. However, when you choose furniture that fits the image you are wanting to portray for your trade show booth or corporate event than that piece of the puzzle will fit into the branded look you are aiming for. The right furniture can take your booth from boring to great very quickly. Whether you are wanting a contemporary or conservative look, we have the furniture to match your exhibit’s personality.
  2. Comfort is the key. Ideally you want your booth visitors to be able to come into your space and be comfortable. After walking up and down the aisles of the trade show floor, sitting down on a comfortable couch, chair, or bar stool is exactly what the doctor ordered! This, also, enables you to have more time to be able to do what you do best which is speak with your prospective customers.

When choosing your furniture for your next trade show booth, invest some time into looking at the style, form, and function of the various choices. LV Exhibit Rentals has a wide array of trade show furniture rental options for you to choose from. Just remember that choosing the right furniture that compliments your branding and is comfortable for your booth visitors are the keys to choosing the right trade show furniture.

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