Trade Show Tips – Stylish Trade Show Furniture Rental 101

OK. Your trade show booth design is finished and is being built. Many exhibitors will make their booth furniture the last decision. When in reality it should be right there at the top with the actual booth design and flooring.

Ursula Bar Table with White Furgus Bar Stools

Why should your trade show furniture be placed higher on your check list? By including stylish furniture into your booth, it will add an engaging feel to your booth so that attendees can come in, relax, and stay at your booth longer. Providing comfortable yet stylish furniture not only attracts attendees to your booth, but also gives you the opportunity to spend quality time with your prospective customers.

Furniture is an often overlooked piece of the trade show booth pie and many people find it unimportant. Many exhibitors will choose to cut corners with their furniture choices because they do not realize that the furniture they choose to rent can make or break your design. Creating an open and inviting booth space is imperative to draw attendees to your booth. Furniture is also one of the easiest ways to update the look of your display.

Event furniture rental is a growing market with many options for size, shape, color, material, as well as for even more flair we have LED lit as well as charging furniture options. When you work with LV Exhibit Rentals in Las Vegas, we will help you to select and incorporate furniture that matches the look, design, and feel of your display. Basic furnishings will give the impression it was just thrown together at the last minute, yet furniture that compliments your booth design will really embrace the branded look you are aiming for. Appealing visually to your booth visitors can be accomplished by not only a great booth design and graphics, but also the furniture your use for your booth.

he first step in which pieces of furniture to rent is to determine what your event furnishing budget is. Trendy, stylish and functional furniture is readily available to meet your needs for rent. Regardless of whether you are wanting to furnish an informal lounge area or a sophisticated meeting area, the event furniture you choose will definitely make a difference.

At LV Exhibit Rentals, we understand that every detail is important, that is why we not only provide separate trade show furniture rentals but we have exhibit rental packages that include furniture. 

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