8 Best Tips to Boost Your Trade Show Booth

Having a successful trade show entails many puzzle pieces coming together, which is a challenge to both a first-time exhibitor and a seasoned exhibitor. That booth space is more than just a section of floor space at the venue, it is a direct reflection on your company – your storefront, your brand’s sales platform.

We have learned over the years of working with a variety of clients that just as no two companies are alike, no two booth spaces are alike. It doesn’t matter whether it is a 10’ x 10’, 20’ x 20’ or 30’ x 40’, any size booth presents its own challenges as well as opportunities to impress attendees.

We often are asked by clients, how can they attract more people to their booth so here are the 8 best tips to boost your trade show booth, regardless of the size of your booth.

1. Know What You Want Your Booth to Do for You

1. Know What You Want Your Booth to Do For You - LV Exhibit Rentals in Las Vegas

The first question we ask our clients is, “what would you like your booth to do for you?” This is probably the most important question as once you know the answer, everything should center around that purpose. Think of this as your mission statement for that trade show.

The answers almost always fall under one or a combination of these three exhibiting purposes:

  • Needing to display products
  • Providing demonstrations of product or service
  • Focusing on brand awareness

2. Create Interactive Experiences

Incorporating elements that create an interactive experience into your booth will bring more people into your booth. People want to be engaged and immersed. Whether it is with touch screen displays, LED displays, or participation demos, your booth visitors will stay longer thus giving you more opportunities to turn them into customers.

2. Create Interactive Experiences - LV Exhibit Rentals in Las Vegas

Another way to foster interaction with your visitors is by having charging stations especially with charging furniture. Most trade show attendees welcome the idea of being able to sit comfortably and be able to charge their phones or other devices. While their devices are charging, be sure to keep them engaged with fun activities and conversation to build a relationship.

The great thing about creating an interactive experience, is that you can incorporate this tip into your next trade show booth regardless of what size booth you have.

3. Utilize Signage & Graphics Effectively

Regardless of the size of your show, everyone is competing for attention. It is all about catching the eyes of attendees whether they are near or far. Smaller companies that don’t have that name or brand recognition, really should consider using bright and bold colors and graphics that will draw attendee’s attention directly to you.

LED lightbox displays are very effective at attracting people to your booth. These really are great for any size booth; however, these are perfect for a 10’ x 10’ or 10’ x 20’ booth because they ensure you will be seen even though most shows have a maximum height of 8’. When you have a 20’ x 20’ or larger booth, the maximum height typically is 16-25’ therefore incorporating towers that are LED backlit will definitely boost your visibility on a crowded trade show floor.

3. Utilize Signage & Graphics Effectively - LV Exhibit Rentals in Las Vegas

It is imperative that you ensure your signage faces the direction that is going to catch the most eyes. Your signage will be ineffective if it’s facing the back of the hall. When you have a smaller footprint, be sure to use eye-level signage as it will draw attendees into your booth.

When you have a larger footprint, you can ensure maximum visibility by incorporating signage that will work at long, medium, and close range. Utilizing a hanging sign will ensure increased visibility especially from all angles across the hall. Having 16-foot walls or towers will draw attendees into your booth on your aisle.

4. Ensure Your Booth is Inviting & Open

You have put in a lot of effort to ensure that you are visible by incorporating a variety of elements. One of the most important factors is making sure that your trade show booth is accessible from the front and the sides and that it is inviting. Having a reception counter and your featured products but do your best not to overload your booth. Having a cluttered or overcrowded booth will keep attendees away. Depending on the size of your booth, incorporating a presentation area with lounge seating are great ways to add warmth and enables more of a chance for engagement.

5. Lighting is Everything

Quality lighting can make or break the success of your show. No trade show attendee has ever said, “Convention hall lighting is so flattering”.  All too often have we come across booths that are poorly lit. One of the easiest ways to boost your trade show booth is to utilize lighting that highlights your products and branding. Utilizing the right lighting for your needs will ensure that you attract attendees and that your message will be seen.

6. Placement of Your Product

6. Placement of Your Product - LV Exhibit Rentals in Las Vegas

Exhibiting at a trade show is not only about making a great 1st impression, but it is also about making a lasting impression. It is vital to select the right products that are will make both a great impression but will also make a positive lasting impression. The products you choose to display should be chosen based on the needs of your prospective customers as well as aesthetically fit into your space. You want to make sure the products you choose to display aren’t going to be too large for your space and ensure they aren’t so small that they get overlooked.

7. Attendees Long to Tread Softly

While most trade show attendees aren’t going to really think about the flooring in a booth, it does make a difference. After attendees have spent hours of walking concrete trade show floors in dress shows, they are going to welcome some comfort for their feet. Ensuring you choose a good grade of carpeting and the right thickness of padding will ensure that your visitors will feel more relaxed, which will keep them in your booth longer and they will be more open to hearing your pitch.

8. Be Sure to Budget Carefully

Once you have determined what you want your booth to do for you, then you can begin to craft a realistic budget. When choosing an exhibit rental company, find one that offers completely turn-key exhibit rental packages. Choosing to work with a company that provides truly turn-key packages enables you to ensure all the elements you need are included in your package. For example, our exhibit rental packages are truly turn-key, they include the structure, counter(s), graphics, lighting, flooring, furniture, audio visual (if needed), dedicated project manager, assistance with show paperwork submission, delivery to & from venue, and install & dismantle.

Knowing what you want your trade show booth to do for you ensures that your budget is going to reflect the elements you are going to need to fulfill that purpose. Developing a realistic budget in order to achieve that purpose will help in being able to boost your ROI so that you have a successful show. There are always solutions to fit into a realistic budget that entails being open to suggestions and finding the right exhibit rental company with transparent pricing.

It doesn’t take too much for each of these pieces of the puzzle come together to ensure you boost the success of your trade show booth and to stand out on a crowded show floor. Once you are ready to implement these tips, please call us at 702-333-0756 or contact us. We will take your trade show booth to the next level and create smiles by design!