LED Video Wall Rentals

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If your business attends or exhibits at trade shows on a regular basis than you know the difference that LED Video Walls can make. Trade shows are growing, which means an already busy trade show floor is getting even busier. During your trade show booth design planning, you will be deciding on how are you going to be able to not only grab but keep attendees’ attention.

Incorporating a LED video wall rental into your trade show exhibit, will grab and keep visitors attention by showcasing your brand’s messaging in an immersive, engaging manner. These enable you to increase your brand awareness and visibility.

We Turn Your Custom Trade Show Concepts into Reality

With LED technology constantly evolving, we ensure to provide you with the most current LED video walls available. Regardless of the size of your booth, it is definitely feasible to incorporate one of our LED video wall rentals into your exhibit.

Whether you are wanting to rent a LED video wall for your next trade show booth, for an event registration area, or corporate sales event, our video wall rental experts will put together the right rental package tailored to your specific needs.

Curved Video Wall Rental - CES 2019 - LV Exhibit Rentals in Las Vegas

Curved Video Wall Rental ~ CES 2019

Enhancing Visitor Experience Leads to Bigger Results

Transforming your trade show booth or corporate event using our immaculate high-definition NEC 46″ or 55″ LED displays to create a nearly seamless LED video wall. A mere 5.7mm separates content from display to display to ensure a smooth transition.

The most popular configurations our clients use are 2×2, 2×3, or 3×3. Custom configurations are available up to 10×10 (100 displays). Our video wall experts will ensure that your video wall displays your video content and your brand’s messaging in exactly the way you want it.

Workhorses of the Trade Show Industry

Our 46″ ultra-narrow LED monitors have a 1920 x 1080 full HD resolution that allows for crisper, more lifelike imaging. Regardless of the size of your video wall, we can configure it to show your content as one very large image or each monitor can be configured to act independently affording you the opportunity to convey multiple messages at the same time.

Mounting Options

Video Wall Rentals - 2x2 - Wall Mount - LV Exhibit Rentals in Las Vegas

Wall Mount

Minimize the footprint of your LED Video Walls.Can be mounted in either landscape or portrait orientations.

LED Video Wall Rentals - Ground Support - LV Exhibit Rentals in Las Vegas

Ground Support

Can be customized for any size and type of our LED video wall rentals. Can be at or above eye level.

LED Tile Video Wall Rentals - Flying Mount - LV Exhibit Rentals in Las Vegas


Hanging displays for our LED video wall rentals. Professional installation.

Seamless Video Wall Rentals – LED Tiles

There is nothing that draws a crowd to your both like our seamless LED video wall rentals. By incorporating a seamless LED video wall into your booth, you can ensure that attendees have a lasting impression of your brand. LV Exhibit Rentals ensures visitors have a memorable digital experience with our LED video walls.

Powerful, Engaging, & Eye-Catching for Lasting Impact

These LED tiles are exceptionally bright which is going to make your trade show booth highly visible from a distance creating a vibrant image that is going to draw them in.

We draw on years of experience in order to develop an effective seamless LED video wall rental package to ensure you are going to stand out on that crowded trade show floor as well as ensure you make the most of your booth space. 

These can be hung from the ceiling or integrated into a wall or tower. One of the benefits of opting for our LED tile rentals is that we can configure them to whatever size you need.

Depending on the type of content you are planning on using, we recommend a lower pixel pitch, 2.9 or lower, when in a close viewing space like a trade show booth. 

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