Trade Show Furniture Tip: When Lounging is Productive

Typically you will not see the words lounging and productivity being used synonymously or being used together in a positive light. There are always exceptions to every rule. When it comes to trade show furniture and using your space effectively, having a bar along with lounge seating can equate to an increase in productivity and dialog with your booth visitors.

Believe it or not lounging around is productive

Lounge Seating is Productive - LV Exhibit Rentals in Las Vegas

Lounge seating has gained large momentum with trade show exhibitors when designing their trade show exhibit space as well as with corporate special events. More often than not we are seeing dedicated sitting areas becoming an essential part of exhibitor’s design plans. These lounge areas consistently provide an undemanding approach to exchanging and capturing information. In a constantly increasing focus on virtual interaction and viral marketing, this brings face-to-face networking back to the forefront.

On the trade show floor, every exhibitor is competing for those precious moments to get prospects attention. With everyone vying for their attention, keeping them in your space and their attention can be difficult. So it truly makes sense to invoke the right atmosphere that stimulates conversation.

Numbers Don’t Lie

⇒ Over 45% of executive decision makers will make their purchase decisions while attending a trade show.

⇒ Over 50% of executive decision makers will schedule a sales rep to visit their company after the show while at the trade show.

⇒ 95% of the executive decision makers will meet with their current suppliers at the trade show.

Utilizing lounge seating definitely fosters the atmosphere to ensure these numbers happen for you. It becomes that luxurious yet comfortable space where the target meets the talent.

If your trade show booth is smaller such as a 20′ x 20′ or less, and you want these statistics to become your reality at your next trade show than the lounge seating area can be scaled down to fit your space or can be coupled with a bar. Great things can happen in smaller spaces!

However, if you have a larger space than you will want to allot part of it to a stylish yet comfortable setting with striking trade show furniture that whispers to the sensuality of the limbic system. Utilizing a lounge seating area is a great backdrop for showcasing your new products or services as well as establishing new networking contacts.

Did you know?

⇒ Over half of trade show attendees want to see “What’s New” in products and services.

⇒ In the year prior to the trade show, at least 90% of attendees will not have met face-to-face by any of the exhibiting companies from that show.

Make Their Experience Delightful

Brands don’t separate themselves by having a unique product or service. The experience is what separates you from your competition. So, why not make their experience delightful? Understanding what not only grabs your prospects attention but what will keep their attention is what will increase your trade show ROI.

Having a stylish yet comfortable area for trade show attendees to get off their feet for a little while will not only allow them to rest their feet, but they will stay at your booth longer, which in turn will keep you at the forefront of their trade show experience. So, the next time you are planning your trade show booth space, think about the best ways that you can distinguish yourself in those prized moments of interaction that we call face-to-face marketing in the super competitive marketing world of trade shows especially trade shows in Las Vegas.