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Harry I have to thank YOU!!! You had great patience with us, it was our first time at SSW16. Our 10′ x 10′ exhibit rental was perfect. Ciao!”

Patrizia Origini, Exhibitor at SSW 2016, Mandalay Bay

I just wanted to confirm how everything went smoothly at our Semicon West show this year. The booth looked exactly like the mockup drawings showed. All of the equipment functions as expected, and the furniture was very nice. Especially the table with glass top. We were also greeted with the owner of LV Exhibit Rentals on the first day, and they asked us if everything was satisfactory and give us some advice about how to use certain items at the booth. It made for a pleasant experience. The booth design looked fantastic, and it was easy for us to arrive and set up our materials without any problem.
Thank you again for all of the support leading up to and during the show, and we will continue using LV Exhibit Rentals in the future.”

Jay Reyes, Mactronix Group LLC