Our Changing world calls for

Covid-19 Prevention Solutions

Helping You Adapt to this New Landscape

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Together We Can Make a Difference

As businesses are reopening and planning for the future, LV Exhibit Rentals is helping by Providing Preventive Essential solutions so that you can ensure employee and customer safety in this new landscape.

While trade shows are on hold, we are providing CoVid-19 prevention solutions for businesses. Once you begin planning for trade shows and events again, we can incorporate acrylic barriers, sanitizer stations, face mask dispensers, customized face masks into any of our booth rental packages! Contact us for more information or to request a quote. 

Custom Face Masks

Protect your staff and clients with these custom branded face masks. Made in the USA.  Dual layers provide an enhanced filtration barrier from droplets. These nonsurgical grade masks come imprinted with your logo or message. Contoured design to fit nose and chin closely. Made from 100% recycled plastic bottles.

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Disposable Face Masks

These face masks provide nose and mouth protection against airborne particulates. Designed for user comfort with no uncomfortable pressure points. Includes dual knitted ear loops for mask positioning and stability. Disposable design, 100% Polypropylene. Mask is white on the inside and blue on the outside to ensure it is easy to properly wear. Package contains 50 masks in each box.

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Hand Sanitizing Stations

Encourage disinfectant practices for employees, and visitors! Since these are modular, these sanitizing stations can be set up in each entryway, hallway, common area, employee break room, near every restroom, hotel lobby, etc. These give you the ability to put any type of graphic, brand messaging, or health reminder, while offering hand sanitizing to promote good health. The combination reception stations and sanitizing stations is perfect for larger offices with a lobby or waiting area.

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Acrylic Sneeze Guards

Maintain social distancing with our portable clear acrylic countertop and tabletop barriers that are perfect in offices, reception areas, trade shows, or retail areas. Show your staff and customers that you care about their safety. Available heights from 28″ to 47.5″ and widths from 30″ to 48″. 

Table Dividers

Partition a table into 4 or more isolated seating areas enabling you maintain physical separation without sacrificing visibility or face-to-face interactions. Perfect for 4-seat square or round tables. You can connect multiple table dividers with an included edge connector to partition conference room tables.

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Modular Reception Area Solutions

Perfect for waiting areas and reception areas, our modular solutions show your clients that you care about their safety. These can be scaled up or down in size based on your needs as well as the ability to add graphics to the walls. 

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LVsmart Pods

These are a perfect modular solution to easily create a private area in a large interior space. You can entirely customize these: transparent, completely closed or a combination of both is possible, inside and out. To have video meetings without any disturbance, we provide acoustic material as an upgrade.

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Restaurant & Gym Dividers

These temporary dividers can be easily moved and scaled up or down depending on your needs. Add your branding or messaging on one or both sides. Show you customers you care about their health and safety. 

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