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Why Your Event Needs A Video Wall Rental

Using a video wall rental on the trade show floor engages attendees by shifting the scene from stuffy meetings and lectures to entertaining. Even if your video only consists of logos and kinetic text, video makes audiences more attentive, and allows them to better remember your booth!


Video Tile Walls

Video tile walls are both dynamic and classic. Most tiles display LCD or LED. Installed seamlessly, each screen can coordinate to create one single image, or can display a different image or video on each panel. When needed, they can “dissolve” from one mode to the other, giving the illusion of motion on the show floor. Installation is simple and covered by a video wall rental company like LV Exhibit Rentals.

Video Tower Walls

Video tower walls are used to announce or advertise presentations rather than accompany them – though of course, their only limitation is your imagination. Their obvious advantage is that they’re three-dimensional, allowing viewing from all directions. They make great signposts on the show floor and can help alert attendees to your booth’s presence from every angle!

LED Banners

Last but not least, nothing is as timeless as the LED banner. These can usually be seen throughout a trade show floor, but still, each one has a uniquely ability to be eye-catching even in halls already oversaturated with video. Placement for LED banners is versatile, as they can easily be installed in hallways or lobbies without getting in the way of foot traffic!

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