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What Does Your Exhibit Booth Rental Furniture Say About Your Company?


When it comes to putting an exhibit booth together, the importance of adding the right exhibit booth rental furniture alongside your marketing and signage is insurmountable. Nowadays, attendees are looking at the overall design and layout of your booth, and the elegance of your furniture more than they’re looking at your logo!

The right or wrong furniture can make or break your booth. If an attendee (or potential lead) walks by your booth and sees that you have the same bland and used pieces that they’ve seen in previous years, they’re likely to continue walking.

However, if you’re sure to include unique pieces that are both interesting and functional, they can be a great starter piece or ice breaker when dealing with those same attendees. 

But before you run out and decide to rent all new furniture pieces, think about what message your booth is trying to convey to visitors. Are you subtly trying to invite them in for a conversation? Are you trying to gather people for a product demo? Are you looking for spaces to do one-on-one Q&A sessions? Form follows function, so it’s important to know what your end goal is before you choose new tables and chairs.

Second, you’ll need to consider your space. A 20×30’ booth will obviously allot more space for different pieces and styles of exhibit booth rental furniture, while a smaller 10×10’ booth will have to use the floor space wisely and choose more functional pieces. 

And lastly, adding your logo to furniture and really customizing the pieces is great, but sometimes it’s even better to just ensure that the booth has a cohesive, branded look to it. If you’re inviting attendees in, you should let your booth staff tell them about your company – Not your furniture.

Furniture can be just as important as your signage, so when choosing your exhibit booth rental furniture for your next booth, make sure you’ve got form, function and your attendees in mind!

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