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Trade Show Exhibit Design Strategies That Maximize Results – Part 1


How many times have you heard, “It’s all in the details”? When it comes to having a successful trade show, it is very true that it’s all in the details. Paying attention to detail when it comes to your trade show exhibit design is imperative. We all know how important making a good first impression is. You have 5-7 seconds to make that strong first impression and to catch their attention. That first impression is not going to be with your booth staff. When it comes to trade show attendees, the first thing they will see is your booth. While this may sound superficial it is true that image is everything. You want to convey the best image to your potential clients.

Think about this – you have two business cards from two companies that do the same thing. One of those cards has the Vista Print logo on the back which tells you that those were free business cards. What does that tell you about that company? The second business card has that glossy look and looks like they were professionally done. What does that tell you about that company? More than likely you would call the company that has the nicer looking business card. Why because the first impression means so much, and they put their best foot forward. Now if you make a bad first impression it takes eight subsequent positive encounters to change that person’s negative opinion of your company. This why it is so important to use the design strategies we will be covering in this series of posts.

The most powerful and least understood aspect of trade show exhibiting is exhibit design. While most companies understand the need for clear, measurable goals for a trade show, it is not as easily understood how those goals actually impact your exhibit design choices. The substance and style of your trade show exhibit can be the thing that separates your company from the competition. Since your exhibit speaks volumes about your company, it is the foundation in which to build your trade show exhibit marketing success.

These questions will be answered in this series of posts:

* How do you know that a design is right for you?

* What are some of the key considerations for a successful environment?

* Are there design tips that will help your overall trade show results?

Having the right display for your trade show exhibit will support your goals which makes it easier to accomplish them. In this series, we will be focusing on those issues that will help facilitate in ensuring that you choose the trade show exhibit design that complements your marketing and sales efforts.

Optimize Orientation

Check out where your booth is located on the show floor plan as well as it’s proximity to the show entrance, main aisles, and areas that are intended for attendees to gather. Of course you want your display to look great from any angle, be sure to make sure that it is set up to face the heaviest flows of traffic.

Control Traffic Flow

When you have an island booth space, these provide a 360° view of your exhibit. Here are some examples of booths and how the trade show exhibit is oriented within the allotted space in order to control the traffic flow.

1) The activity is located in the center to ensure maximum visibility from all sides. This orientation is the most efficient use of floor space.

2) Activities are located in the corners, which maximizes the traffic flow and exposure from the aisles.

Here are a few more example of trade show exhibit design that the activity is located in the center:

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