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Three Benefits of Choosing a Modular Trade Show Booth Display


When you are preparing to set up at a trade show, using an exhibit setup provided by an experienced retailer of Las Vegas trade show rentals can help you to save time and money. With so many options for booth displays available, knowing what to choose can be a challenge. There are many benefits to selecting a modular display for the next trade show that you attend.

Easy to Set Up and Take Down

A modular trade show booth display is easier to set up and take down than a larger, single-piece unit. This is especially important if you will be setting up or taking down your trade show display by yourself or with just one other person. A piece of a modular unit will not be as heavy to lift or as bulky to move around during the busy and often crowded setup times.

Easier to Transport

If you are transporting your trade show display and wares yourself, a modular setup makes it easier to do so. Modular pieces are smaller and easier to fit in a rental van. If you choose to have your trade show exhibit delivered to the location, you might find that scheduling the delivery is simpler because the equipment does not require the use of an extra-large moving truck.

Flexible Arrangement Options

A modular trade show exhibit setup allows you a great level of flexibility when deciding how to arrange things within your allocated space. You can even move different sections of the display around from one day to another. This can help to increase interest in your exhibit. If your stock of products runs low, you can easily remove one module of the arrangement rather than having an empty spot that is not attractive. If you have items of a variety of sizes, the modular setup can easily accommodate your needs.

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