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Latest Trends in Las Vegas Trade Show Exhibits

Whether your business is a startup, launching new products, or wanting to increase your company’s exposure, exhibiting at trade shows in Las Vegas should be at the top of your marketing to-do list. Several surveys on consumer choice have found that over 90% of trade show attendees say that the trade shows they attend are integral in their buying decisions.

There are numerous trade show exhibiting opportunities across the United States. By far Las Vegas has the most trade shows, over 4,000 each year, and should be the top choice for business owners and B2B marketers.

These trade shows in Las Vegas pose a compelling prospect to increase brand awareness for your company. This is one of those times where what happens in Vegas doesn’t stay in Vegas

Why Exhibit at A Trade Show In Las Vegas?

There are plenty of reasons some of the biggest trade shows are held in Las Vegas. Las Vegas boasts some of the most distinguished hotels, event venues, and tourist attractions. In 2018, over 6.5 million convention attendees came to Las Vegas according to the Las Vegas Convention & Visitors Authority.

Las Vegas boasts three of the top ten convention centers, which makes it the perfect location for attracting many people that have an interest in your products and services all in one place. Compared to other convention cities, trade shows in Las Vegas average more than an 8% increase in attendance.

There are a variety of factors that attract attendees to come to trade shows in Las Vegas year after year:

  • Astounding number of accommodations available that are close to convention venues
  • Numerous transportation options that include the Las Vegas Monorail along with limousines, taxis, Uber, Lyft, public transportation, and other transportation options.
  • Wide array of restaurants and tourist attractions

All of these create the perfect combination to ensure trade show exhibitors and attendees have not only a successful show but a great experience.

Latest Trends That Are Shaping the Dynamic Landscape of Trade Shows in Las Vegas

Through the years we have seen our share of trends come, go, and come back again. Thank goodness the eighties hairstyles haven’t come back! With the constantly evolving trade show landscape, there are some intriguing changes happening in Las Vegas trade show opportunities. The biggest challenge for an exhibitor is shining and standing out in the crowd. One of the best ways to accomplish that feat is by staying on top of the latest trends.

Your trade show booth needs to stand out from the crowd otherwise attendees will just keep on walking.

There is more to the equation than having a few flashy signs hoping that will get their attention. The latest trends in trade show booth design use trendy designs, elaborate materials, 3D mapping technology, and interactive displays. This is about creating a customer-centric experience that provides full engagement right from the beginning.

The goal is to provide a completely immersive experience for visitors. All the pieces to the puzzle must come together so that your customers will be able to imagine using your products or services.

Appealing to all 5 senses is imperative if you want to keep up with the latest trends in Las Vegas trade shows.

Most trade show booths focus on engaging only 2 senses – vision and sound. In order to fully engage booth visitors, it is imperative to engage all 5 senses.

This can be achieved by having touch displays, sounds, led video displays, lightbox displays, and even attractive scents that will inviting attendees to your booth. The most successful exhibitors are the ones that think outside the box.

An intriguing trend at trade shows is VR – virtual reality. It draws attendees into your booth as well as keeps them in your booth longer.

You will have their complete focus. By utilizing virtual reality in your trade show booth, you will make a lasting impression with your visitors.

One of the latest trends is having lounge seating with charging built into it.

Trade show attendees want a place to give their feet a break from all that walking. Having a lounge seating area in your booth is a perfect way to bring more visitors as well as increase the amount of time they stay. Having charging furniture provides style, comfort, and function all in one.

Whether you are a first-time exhibitor or a veteran exhibitor, it is vital to keep up with the latest trends for trade show exhibits in Las Vegas. With so many exhibitors clamoring to get the attention of attendees walking by, it is imperative that you separate yourself and stand out in the crowd. Incorporating the current trends into your next trade show booth will help ensure your next show will be a successful one.

LV Exhibit Rentals in Las Vegas can help you spark your imagination so that your next trade show booth provides an immersive experience for your visitors. Being family-owned and operated, our goal is to build relationships with our clients by creating Smiles By Design!