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How to Create a Unique Trade Show Booth

Lets take look at How to Create a Unique Trade Show Booth. Trade shows are notorious for two things: independent distributors who are trying to make money without spending any and people who expect their booths to do all their selling without any personal touches. In order to have a truly unique booth that will make a statement and bring in money from a trade show you need to combine a truly professional image with a special personal touch for each patron. While that may sound complicated it can be easily accomplished in three simple steps.

Make A Statement

When you are designing and assembling your booth you should do something to make a statement. For example, you can use creative trade show rentals that turn your booth into a real place of business. Passersby should be blown away thinking that you actually set up a satellite office at the trade show rather than simply throwing some flyers and samples on a table.

Keep It Personal

Once you have your booth outfitted with the perfect trade show rentals and decor, it is time to work your magic. People go to trade shows for quick interactions that give them an inside look at your business. You should have enough hands at the booth to interact with every single person who comes by. Divide up the responsibilities so that you have some people responsible for hitting up the fast walkers and others who spend more time with interested patrons who voluntarily interact with your booth. No matter what you are promoting you should have a way to smile at and interact with everyone who comes by.

Business As Usual

Some businesses will have special sales and offers to create urgency for customers at trade shows. Other than these special offers the rest of your trade show presence should be business as usual. You are there to generate leads, establish a reputation, and close some sales. Keep your professional demeanor the same as if you were doing business in your routine setting. This will give clients and customers a sense of consistency when they choose to interact with your business again outside of the trade show.

Creating a unique trade show booth is largely about defying the myth that trade shows are casual ways to close a boat load of sales. Your visual appearance is as important as your customer service and demeanor when you are in close quarters with your biggest competitors. Make sure you have unique trade show rentals and the right staff to manage the crowd and make the most of your trade show experience.

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