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How Interactive Is Your Booth at Trade Shows?


Although handing out informative pamphlets can be beneficial for the business, an exhibit at a trade show will perform better if there is more interactivity. Putting the business directly into the hands of guests can improve memory as well as instill excitement depending on what you offer. While the appearance of the booth pulls in visitors, it’s your overall presence that will dictate success. Investing in exhibit rentals in Las Vegas is but a start to promoting the company at one of these events.

Go Beyond Information

Although giving information about your brand is the point of the trade show, your staff needs to go above and beyond this aspect. They need to be high-energy, interactive vessels for your brand. Being approachable, knowledgeable and friendly will garner the support of guests at your booth. People can easily look up business information on the Internet. What they need is a personable experience that is more than what online research can deliver.

Hands-on Devices

Not all business products and services can utilize a hands-on approach for sharing what the company performs. However, it will make a greater impact if you could offer something guests can manipulate within the booth. Humans are a tactile species, and the memory centers of the brain are stimulated by touch as well as smell. It’s all about putting the business in the hands of those who may purchase your goods or services.

Interactive Software on Touch Screens

A common element in Las Vegas trade shows is interactive software available on touch screen monitors. In fact, many companies around the world have apps designed for this specific purpose. It’s a way to put more information in front of the guest while giving him or her control of the display. The more creative and interactive the experience, the more likely the guest will remember your company afterward. As a result, your brand has a much better chance of developing a stronger reputation.

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