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How Color Affects Your Trade Show Booth Rental

Everyone with a booth on the show floor wants to catch the attention of attendees. Using unique furniture pieces, LED lighting and displays and employing friendly people can all help bring people to your trade show booth rental, but one often ignored attention-grabber is color.

According to an article on, warm colors like red, orange and yellow seem to garner the most attention. On the show floor, however, warm colors can make your attendees feel anxious and over-excited – Not exactly the kind of mentality you want to project when trying to sell.

Creating a trade show booth rental that’s inviting without being too distracting is key. Dark, cool colors like blacks, grays, blues and greens tend to stand out on the show floor and, when designed and thought-out correctly, can look clean and sophisticated!



Just take this recent 20′ x 30′ booth we completed for Twist Shake. The design included a raised floor with high-gloss vinyl, adding extra shine to the booth. The graphics were printed on SEG fabric, with an LED-lit reception counter topped with plexi glass.

So while it might seem like the brighter the color, the more attention you’ll get, sometimes a neutral palate with sophisticated elements is a great alternative way to go!

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