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Guidelines on Using Furniture for a Trade Show Exhibit


Utilizing furniture at your trade show exhibit can work wonders in attracting guests to stop by and take a look at what you have to offer. The key is knowing how much furniture to use and how to best arrange this furniture so that it accents your exhibit without getting in the way of what you’re advertising.

How to Use Furniture at an Exhibit

The furniture that you decide to use should be placed in a manner that accents your exhibit. Consider making use of standard lounge furniture or table and chair sets that are around bar height. These types of furniture are perfect for informal exhibits and provide customers with areas to relax while taking in your show. It’s also important to note that a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere can make selling your item to a customer much easier.

How Much Furniture to Use

The most important thing to remember when using furniture at a trade show exhibit is that you don’t want to use too much. In the distant past, trade show exhibits didn’t really use that much furniture. However, many businesses today attempt to use too much, which leads to a number of problems. You don’t want the staff within your exhibit to be lounging around too often during the show. This creates a lazy atmosphere that won’t allow the staff to get you the sales you want. Only use as much furniture as you need for customers to sit on during the show. Anything that gets them to stick around longer than they initially intended is a win for you.

General Costs Associated With Furniture Rental

If you use only the amount of furniture that you need for the exhibit, the costs of renting are very affordable, especially in comparison to the costs of shipping your own furniture. Once you’ve figured out how much furniture you want, you can factor in these costs to your budget. Finding Las Vegas trade show furniture is easy to accomplish.

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