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Digital Signage for Events

One thing all trade show organizers, meeting planners, and trade show exhibitors have in common is that they are all vying for people’s attention. Each of those groups have many different ways to do that. In our world today technology is constantly evolving which has given us more tools than ever to be able to not only attract attention but also has improved engagement and interactivity. Just like other forms of technology, digital signage is and has evolved.

LV Exhibit Rentals introduces digital signage for events: 55″ Dual-Sided Signage

Features include:

*** 55″ all-in-one design dual-screen LED-backlit signage

*** Slim profile – 23.4mm

*** 450 nits of brightness fulfills diverse indoor surrounding requirements

*** HDMI connections for connecting media players/IPC

*** Free standing and movable floor stand on removable casters

*** Can display different content on each screen

*** FHD 1920 x 1080 resolution

*** 3000:1 contrast ratio

If you are looking to increase engagement you have the option to add an interactive touch interface on either one side or both sides.

Benefits of Digital Signage

In order to communicate to people, you have to attract their attention. People are so accustomed to looking at screens for information that digital signage is a natural choice to reach your audience. Utilizing our 55″ digital signage rather than other types of signage is better because:

*** You can deliver important announcements in real time

*** The screens are bright and show motion

*** Ability to show multiple items at once

*** Ability to change what is displayed throughout the day

What type of content can be displayed:

*** Text and graphics

*** Video and flash

*** PowerPoint

*** Event Schedules

*** Interactive wayfinding and directories

*** Show or event updates

*** Showcase Exhibitors or Speakers

*** Polls, Surveys, or Contests

*** Social Media Feeds

There are many different types of content that can be displayed. It really depends on your marketing goals. Take your event to the next level, contact us today for a quote or call us at 775-525-1304.

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