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Custom Branding Trade Show Furniture


Businesses throughout the world come to Las Vegas to present their latest innovations at what are some of the largest and most recognized trade shows around. If your organization hosts exhibits at trade shows regularly, then you may consider investing in Las Vegas trade show furniture to own, and if you’re going to take that step, then you may also want to think about the advantages of custom branding.

Investing in Trade Show Furniture for the Long-Term

If hosting a booth at a trade show is something your company does once in a while, then renting makes sense. If, on the other hand, hosting is something you do annually or even more frequently, then owning can reduce your long-term costs even when factoring in cleaning, storage and transportation.

Design a Look That’s Uniquely You

The two main reasons to opt for branded furniture are to self yourself apart and to help create a cohesive branded presence. If you lease, your furniture may look a lot like the furniture everyone else is using as well. If your furniture is branded, it will pop, and it will complement other aspects of your presence, such as marketing materials, which may be unique for that particular show but should still reflect your brand in a consistent manner.

Create an Opportunity for Memorable Giveaways

Branded furniture is also a chance for swag that’s quite different than the usual swag. Recently, a high-profile sports network showing off a new app got people to download the app and participate by giving everyone who downloaded it a chance to win a bar stool emblazoned with its logo.

Avoid Misplacement of Your Furniture

One of the logistical challenges at a trade show is ensuring that all that you bring leaves with you. That job is made easier when the furniture you’re using is clearly associated with your brand. Trade show employees and people at other booths are less likely to mistake your furniture with their own.

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