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Configuring Your Trade Show Booth

When you make your booth selection for your trade show booth, you make your pick depending on the dimensions of the space – the depth by the width.  Being aware of how that space is configured is important as well. Knowing whether you have an in-line, an island, or a peninsula along with knowing whether there is one or two sides open to an aisle can certainly change how you tackle the booth design for the event.

What are the various types of trade show booth configurations?

An in-line trade show display is one or more standard 10’ x 10’ spaces arranged in a straight line with only one side exposed to the aisle.  In-line booths can be 10′ x 20′ or 10′ x 30′ as well. The image to the right is an example of making great use of space in a 10′ x 20′ booth, which is one of our customers at the recent HD Expo in Las Vegas. Since you know the entrance to your space, you want to make sure you do not block out any of your prospective attendees by putting a table up front.  It’s ideal to keep it open and inviting.

A corner booth is the same as an in-line except that it is exposed on two sides.  Many exhibitors prefer this space over an in-line because while you still have the same square footage, you have two places for entry into your space.

A peninsula display has three sides exposed to an aisle, giving you even more exposure to those passing by.

An island display for trade shows is open on all four sides.  Sometimes booth spaces come as islands or often times you can buy all of the units in the area to form an island.

Each configuration has its place on the trade show floor.  Although an island may sound very appealing to you since it is open on all sides, you have to be sure to maximize your space accordingly to ensure that you can properly greet the attendees as they enter through any of the entrances.  Always keep your goals and objectives at the forefront, as well as space needs, when determining your booth size and configuration.

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