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7 Tips To Lower Exhibit Costs

7 Tips To Lower Exhibit Costs

Renting your exhibit is better than owning it. While also adding more flexibility at all your shows, renting will lower upfront costs when compared to owning your own exhibit.  You wont pay for storage or maintenance, pulling it  and preparing or refurbishment it.

Hire an experienced onsite supervisor from your exhibit house. An experienced supervisor will lower costs because he or she knows what their doing and will limit costly mistakes.  They also have the knowledge to come up with solutions to problems you may not know how to deal with.

Choose your labor intelligently. Labor costs can get out of control really fast. Careful to not request your setup labor too close to your move in time.  Just because your truck is scheduled to arrive at a particular time doesn’t mean that the freight will be delivered to your space shortly thereafter.

Use lightweight materials in your exhibits design.  Tension fabric is a popular material that helps reduce shipping and labor costs.  There is lots of other lightweight materials available.

Do a pre-show inspection. Make sure that your exhibit house gets everything up and ready to go prior to the show, lights and all. This will get you ahead of the game as far as inconsistencies or mistakes.

Be cost-effective with your design and signage.  Incorporate high-level signage into your exhibit instead of a hanging sign so you can avoid all the rigging and hanging costs.

Correctly estimate your electrical requirements.  Be sure to order the electricity that you require so you are able to run your exhibit and demo equipment.  Ordering too much is not good but not having enough is even worse be prepared.

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