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5 Tips For Post Trade Show Success

One of the main reasons company choose to exhibit at trade show is to help expand their contact list and hopefully boost profitability. Because of this, your actions immediately after exhibit at a trade show are crucial. By following these five simple steps, you can take action to maximize your ROI from the trade show.

Review and Prioritize Your Contacts

In most cases, you’ll make some excellent contacts at the trade show, like hot leads who are eager to do business with your company. It’s a great idea to mark these business cards or contacts in real-time during the trade show rather than try to remember who’s who after the event. Prioritize your contacts based on how significant their business may be to your company and how hot or warm you believe the lead is.

Think Outside the Box to Engage Your Contacts

There is a good chance that numerous people will be contacting your leads within a short period of time. You need to find a way to stand out and get noticed! Consider talking about special offers or enticing promotions that are available to only a select number of leads that you have prioritized.

Personalize Your Correspondence to New Contacts

Another great way to get noticed by your contacts is to personalize your messages. When you meet with people at the trade show, take a few notes about your communication with them on the back of their business card or on your own notepad. The alternative is to try to remember conversation details after the event has ended. Use your notes to include details of the conversation in your correspondence with each contact to help stand out from the crowd.

Stay Organized

You may contact several dozen individuals personally after a trade show. It is easy confuse the details of each contact you are dealing with, so create an organizational strategy that is effective for managing the details of who and when you contacted each person.

Remember the Importance of a Strong Call to Action

It is not enough to simply state that it was a pleasure to meet with the individual and to discuss the client’s specific needs. Go a step further by talking about how your company can serve the client through your products and services. Then, create a strong call to action to motivate them into the the buying process. A trade show can be an effective way to generate leads, but you must take action to communicate with those leads after the trade show if you want to enjoy truly fabulous results. Follow these steps to generate the results you desire from your trade show attendance!

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